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Mind Bulb: using Game Scope as testing playground

It’s been almost 10 years now since ‘Flights of Fancington’, the all-time best soap opera show, went off the air and yet to this day the war still rages on amongst the fanbase over the most important question of the century: Which character was the fanciest?  

Mind Bulb continue to work on their game SOPARA. In this game, you get to play as the elite of Fancy Town and fight your friends in the style of the grandest of soap operas. We sat down for a cup of coffee and a small interview with creators of the game Anders L. Christensen and Mads Reedtz.

Before we start on asking about SOAPRA, I want to ask you, how you met each other?

Mads: We met each other quite a few years ago in high school.
Anders: We had similar friends and as they started to move away to different places for studies and schools. Mads and I were only one left in Aalborg.

Quite expected question for people like you, but what was the first tabletop you fell in love with?

Mads: For me, that game would always be Munchkin.
Anders: * very conflicted what to choose* Munchkin is sorta to go answer, but I will simply choose other game, just because. That game for me would be Pandemic. It’s wonderfully designed and I can create a big list of great things in this game.

Why did you decide to create a tabletop game in the first place?

Anders: Because we are too incompetent to make a video game *chuckles*.
Mads: Well it was an old dream of mine since I was a kid to design computer games, but as I grew older I realized that is not going to be my niche. But I had a very mechanically geared mind to create games rules and concepts, so tabletop came out as a natural choice.

So Ander’s story comes from being incompetent and Mads from wanting to make games as a kid?

Anders: No! For me it comes a bit from an academic place, I learned to make games and got accepted for the semester in DADIU ( The National Academy of Digital Interactive Entertainment ). What really fascinated me about tabletop games that mechanics tell the story.

You came up with this really interesting concept of the tabletop SOAPRA. Was it a result of trying to make different board games or it was a solid idea from day one?

Mads: SOAPRA was born on my internship at Dragon’s Lair. It is a great place to get inspired, board games everywhere and a lot of nerd gear. I thought I want to make a game where you play another player as much as you play the game. I couldn’t tell why it had to be set up in soap opera, but Looking back it seems like an obvious choice. What frame of reference will people in the 20th century have where you always to be mean to each other and lie to each other.

How you introduced an idea to Anders?

Anders: I am not sure if it was same day or a day after
Mads: As a Mind Bulb Games, before we even had this name, we developed quite a few games and had roleplaying game in the works. Since all projects looked big and ambitious, we decided to go with something of smaller scale and chose to work on SOAPRA. It has a target audience and development process seemed to be faster than it actually came out to be later.

What came first SOAPRA or Mind Bulb ( studio name)?

Anders, Mads : Mind Bulb!

Why you chose British family instead of going with stereotypical Spanish/ Italian family from soap operas?

Mads: I honestly think it’s my fault. When I think of excessive wealth, I don’t think about someone smart like Bill Gates, I think of some old pompous British family. And in my head it just seemed to fit the idea more.

What can you say about Game Scope experience last year?

Anders: We didn’t expect people to receive our game so well and all Game Scope staff was really nice and accommodating, the crew just did it’s best. It was overwhelming since we had first play test of updated edition 2 days prior Game Scope. The experience was phenomenal. Even though we presented a prototype, no one looked down at us. And we got a lot of feedback which will go on the edition you available to test out at the Game Scope Expo 2017.

Are you going to prepare in advance this year?

Mads, Anders: Definitely! We want to have play test a month before the event. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for that.

Thank you for your answers!

Be sure to follow Mind Bulb’s game SOAPRA  Facebook page to receive updates about the game’s development.

Photos made by Ervins Trans

Pixel Art workshop is back!

We love games and we certainly do love pixel art games! There is something very charming and nostalgic about this type of art and the stable number of popular pixel art games on the market is speaking for itself. Cheap, easy to learn and popular as an art style, pixel art has always been one of our top choices for a workshop at Game Scope!

Pixel Hunt 2016

Led by Ivan Nikolov – a PhD in vision and graphics from Aalborg University – the workshop last year was a huge success among everyone, who wanted to learn something new and put their hands on actually making sprites for their future games. With more than 30 participants, the Pixel Art workshop was one of the most popular Game Scope 2016 activities and attracted both new and experienced visitors, because you can learn where to start from on the spot, without the need to spend time at home, trying to figure out some complicated software or drawing technique.

Those who attended the three-hour workshop last year had the chance to learn a bit about the history of pixel art, its development and basic work techniques, such as resizing and formatting. After the basics, the participants had to make characters and weapons of their own design, some of which you would be able to see on the pixel art workshop facebook group.

At Game Scope we believe that teaching practical skills is very important for the development of new talents. This is why, due to your popular requests, the Pixel Art workshop will be returning in 2017 too!

Pixel Art 2017

BIGGER, BETTER and more EXCITING, the Pixel Art workshop of 2017 will focus a lot more on gaining hands-on experience and practicing your design skills. As an expert in graphics and with vast knowledge on game design, Ivan has always been passionate about pixel art, as a suitable means to create a professional game. This year he would love to teach you more about how to work hard towards creating your game with low budget and little to no drawing skills. At Game Scope 2017’s Pixel Art workshop, you can learn how to make your game’s characters, monsters and weapons from scratch! This time we give you the freedom to choose your favorite pixel art program to work with. If you are wondering which program to use or want to learn something new, check out our suggestions of popular pixel art programs!

The workshop is suitable for both new and participants already familiar with it, as it will cover both the basics and new theories.

Come join the Pixel (art) Side! We don’t really have cookies, but we can teach you how to draw them!

Sign up for a free cookie-drawing lesson here! And remember, the number of participants is limited, so join as soon as possible!