This is the story of the Game Scope 2017 postcard creation and how it started the whole set of unique charecters, that you will see on this year’s promo. In less than 3 minutes you will be able to learn why they look the way they do and what was the reason behind their creation. Here is how it all started.

Learning from mistakes that were made

First Game Scope had a lot of promo materials based on high quality photos, that were made specifically for the event. You might remember a couple all dressed up with champagne and VR set on; or maybe an old man with a controller playing video games. Photos were polished and neat, but some of them didn’t manage to get to the audience. Game Scope visitors here and there said that those were just regular stock photos. It is hard to tell what caused such an opinion to surface at the event. Maybe indie game developers just have a preference for a bit unpolished things, we will never know.

In contrast to high quality photos, this year as one of our volunteer designers suggested a postcard and poster design that illustrates different Game Scope visitors. These works were executed in doodle -like manner by Valerija Trane to soften up the impression from last year.

Why though are they called “peeps” and where are they from?

There is a reason why these are the Game Scope peeps! According to Your Dictionary “peeps” are friends, associates, people you know. And true to their name, the characters try to represent people you know and see at Game Scope. These characters are a shout-out to everyone who visited the festival last year: to the kids,to the teenagers who are into competitive play, to the charismatic speakers, to the fans of certain celebrities ( Jakob Stegelman *cough-cough*) or the smug developers and business people. It all started as a sketch of people that surround events like Game Scope and ended up being a representation of them.

Why should you care?

Because each and every one of the peeps is based on visitors and supporters of the festvial. We already have peeps that represent certain range of people and there are many more to come. Maybe the next peep you see will remind you of yourself  or a person you know. You might recognize yourself in it and you might be right about it.  😉 If you can recognizde someone in the created peep feel free to tag them on the Game Scope Facebook page posts and photos or just leave a comment mentioning a person that looks like one of the peeps.

Text and illustrations by Valerija Trane