As most festivals in Denmark, Game Scope is run by a team of dedicated volunteers. Gamers by heart and calling, our crew of more than 100 members works hard to bring you the best game festival! Our volunteers help with planning and marketing, wiring and setting up, greeting guests or helping speakers, and occasionally, with drinking all the beer. Divided into several crews, based on their skills and preferences, the members get to put their knowledge into practice and network with like-minded gamers. And because Game Scope is festival by fans and for fans, we decided to show you who is behind. Get to know the people of Game Scope in our Meet the Crew series!

So meet the Wizards of Space, Lords of the Nordkraft Realm, Masters of Blueprints and Planning – the Venue crew.

A small team of about 7 people, the Venue crew is one of the Game Scope core teams. They are responsible for making floor plans to align with safety rules and to make the place friendly for people with special needs. Before even making the plan, the team takes detailed measurements of the venue, to ensure a perfect setup.

They plan how the Exposé area of Game Scope is going to look like too. Their domain of work is Kedelhallen at Nordkraft, where different game companies and developers are coming to show what they are working on.

The Venue teams is also responsible for the placement of banners, beach flags and any additional festival equipment, which can guide visitors throughout the event. They also set up light and sound, tables, chairs and such.

It is the Venue team’s role to make sure everything looks nice and dandy at the festival.

Who are the people behind the Game Scope venue planning and setting up? We asked (kindly…sort of) them some questions!

  • Name: Kasper Olesen
  • Education: Just finished Datamatiker at UCN
  • Status: Kasper is looking for a new job!
  • Role and skills: Planning Sage

“I have experience with making games and helped with Game Scope 2016.”

  • Name: Lærke Rønn
  • Education: Right now I am taking my masters in cultural communication at Aalborg University, over the last three years I have worked with different events, such as AaMaze, Aalborg Pride, Sind festivals and Game Scope of course.
  • Role: Master Planner

“It is my second time on the venue team, my main job is to make plans over, how the Exposé area is going to look like with my fellow teammates. That involves a lot of measuring and making sure that special needs from the different companies is met. I am also the one who writes a lot in the venue fb group about meetings. I know people love me for that!”

  • Name:Vaidas Jokubauskis
  • Education: Graduated Export Sales and Technology Management at UCN
  • Role: Lord of Safe Planning

“I am the guy who nags about safety during meetings, as it is my role this year is to ensure everyone is safe.”

Why are you volunteering at Game Scope?

Kasper: It’s very nice for Denmark, not to mention Aalborg, to have a computer game festival, so I want both to be part of it, and help make it possible.

Lærke: I have a big passion for games and gaming culture. Plus Game Scope is awesome, with the different companie that are presenting their work to the festival. Plus it is so great to see a festival as Game Scope in Aalborg, it is a festival you must not miss. We always have a lot of fun!

Vaidas: Its very nice for Denmark, not to mention Aalborg, to have a computer game festival, so I want both to be part of it, and help make it possible.

What does it mean for you to volunteer?

Kasper: To help making Game Scope happen in the ways I can.

Lærke: It means getting to work with new things, that you have never tried before gaining experience from that and evolving as a person. To get out of your comfort zone and try new things plus your are meeting a lot of great people while working as a volunteer!

Vaidas: It means that I can be part of something interesting that allows my problem-solving skills to tingle.

Have you been to Game Scope 2016? How was the experience for you?

Kasper: Game Scope 2016 was great 🙂 🙂

Læerke: I worked with the venue group there too. It was an amazing experience for sure.

Vaidas: I was not part of the volunteers, but I did attend with one of the game developers, all I can say that the event was sizzling.

What did you learn from last year?

Kasper: Expect that all the plans will likely have to be redone more than once.

Lærke: I learned that it took a team to keep everything going smooth, that even if you have to work as a volunteer you can have fun too, plus all the free pizza was great.

Vaidas: Expect the unexpected.

Why have you chosen to participate in the venue team?

Kasper: What I am most excited about at Game Scope is all the game developers exhibiting their games, both indie and non-indie, and being a game developer myself, although just as a hobby for now, it’s a good learning experience to be here and help with this.

Lærke: Because I can gain a lot of experience from working with venue staff that can help me in a future job or project. It is my dream to keep working with stuff like this, since I have a lot of fun with it and the satisfaction of seeing a job, well done when the festival start, it is amazing.

Vaidas: It was the most relatable as I volunteered before in the Asia Food Festival as safety and maintenance. Plus the tasks, in general, seemed to have a challenging aspect and would allow trouble solving opportunities that I enjoy.

What is it like to work in the venue team?

Kasper: It’s fun and you learn new things.

Lærke: Amazing, you get to know different people and create friendships. Plus you get to work with how everything is going to look like to Game Scope Festival. That is pretty sweet!

Vaidas: A lot of scheduling. People are always doing something! Having a meeting sometimes requires a lot of logistics and time management.

What are you preparing for us?

Kasper: Not much right now. Well… a computer game, but that is not as part of the venue team. I am mainly giving my input and suggestions, when we talk about ideas and trying to find solutions to what we are doing.

Lærke: A lot of fun stuff! This years festival is going to be amazing and should not miss it. I can’t say too much right now but be ready for august and make sure to have your inner nerd ready for the 17th to 19th of august!

Vaidas: As the venue crew, we are preparing a safe and enjoyable environment for our guests and best experience for our participant developers.

We hope you enjoyed our interview! If you want to become a part of the volunteer team be sure to check out our volunteer sign up page!

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Photos of the Nordkraft made by Ervins Trans

Written by Gergana Dimitrova 

Illustrations made by Nguyen Anh Nguyet