itsDair or Thomas Beck, is a “super cereal YouTuber doing Let’s Plays with a knack for failing at pretty much every game he plays”. He mostly plays RPGs and MOBAs, as well as adventure, indie and puzzle games.

Thomas is a Youtuber and streamer from Aalborg, who just celebrated 1 year of his serious video making for his Youtube channel. 

It all has started more than a year before, but there is quite a story behind this relatively awkward and very humble guy. He will tell more about it in interview down below, but before switching to that we have a reveal of a secret project for you:

itsDair is going to stream on Facebook from Game Scope 2017 Expo grounds few times per day for those who can’t attend the event!

But wait, there is more

Today, Thursday 10th at 18.00 CET we will celebrate one week until Game Scope 2017 with itsDair’s Figment demo let’s play on Game Scope facebook page! Be sure to check it out!

We hope these news are as exciting for you as they are for us and now it is time to introduce you itsDair.

Tell us about yourself!

Hi! My Youtube channel is itsDair, I am Let’s Player on Youtube. I cover indie games, mostly, as well as couple of RPGS and Heroes of the Storm (Blizzard MOBA). I make two types of videos: longer Let’s Plays with focus on the story and more fast paced, straight to the fun and action videos, where I spend a lot of time to edit, e.g. cutting  45 minutes of gameplay down to around 7 minutes of fun.

When and why have you decided to start Youtube channel?

Actually, it was an idea I have had 5 years ago. It was a time when Let’s Plays got popular because of people such as Pewdiepie and Markiplier. I wanted to do something like that because I always enjoyed entertaining people, and of course video games. The idea to Let’s Plays was natural for me, but to take a leap and start making videos wasn’t natural for me at all.

I was really concerned with not going all in because it was during my education and I thought that it could be started when I would have a job within the web development business. But as the years went by, the urge to be a part of Youtube grew stronger and then, during my studies at Medialogy in AAU, I’ve got a study job as a video editor. At this point, I had a revelation, that I don’t want to do web dev and I really do enjoy video editing. I just said it to myself “let’s just do it!”.

In the beginning, there was a weird anxiety about putting myself out there, which created high expectations on how video should turn out and that everything should be perfect. I wanted to create a website with a blog, to support my videos, and everything should be spotless even before showing it to everyone.

Today, it is clear to me, that I should have just started making videos 5 years ago instead, without stressing about all these things. It was only a year ago, when I finally took the leap.

You have mentioned that you focus on a story in RPGs, were you referencing to your Skyrim videos?

Yes. My first long Let’s Play – series were definitely Skyrim. I recently made a retrospective video where I took a look back at my old videos and explained why I had done certain things in a certain way, and my ideas behind those videos. The fun fact is: I had never finished the main story and had a goal to finish it during this series. I thought I was a good Youtuber back then, but I was really, really bad at making videos.

Where does your Youtube channel and persona itsDair come from?

It’s a long story, referring back to times when I dedicated a lot of time to World of Warcraft. I decided to switch my main character to rogue, and since it was going to be my main I tried to come up with a good name for it.

I was listening to the Gorillaz song “Dare”at the time, so I thought it would be a nice nickname, but a character with that name already existed on the server, so I tweaked and played with the word “dare” and itsDair was a result. My raid leader wasn’t excited about it though because when he needed explain the location of things in the voice chat,  he couldn’t use the phrase ” it’s there” without confusing me and raid members. I found that to be very amusing.

Why did you decide to make and use the mascot representing yourself when you have a facecam on all your videos?

Actually, I just liked the idea of having the mascot. One day I decided to make a profile picture that I would love, it had to be simple and kinda chibi.

First of all my mascot was wearing Zorro costume, which was a reference to old Winnie the Pooh episode where Tigger mishears the way the masked hero’s name. I found that joke to be hilarious as a child and still like it a lot. So that was the time where the chibi mascot is coming from.

The Dannebrog t-shirt appeared later. Before it happened, my mascot was wearing Spider Man hoodie because I was wearing it and loving it, but I wanted to get serious with streaming and videos at some point. This got me thinking that I can get into copyright trouble if representation of my online persona will wear Spider man hoodie and that could be considered as copyright infringement. With the Danish flag, it’s not an issue and the fun thing about this shirt and shirts like these, is that you can buy them in Turkey where they are very popular there together with other Scandinavian flag shirts. It is all because Scandinavians like to party a lot in there, so this is a popular purchase made by them before or after partying around.

It sounds like you always dreamt big

Yes, I did. And that is one of the reasons why I have my videos in English. All Danish Lets Players tend to hit a certain amount of followers and views, but don’t grow very much from there. I want to appeal to people from different countries, so this is why I chose to go with English as my channel language.

At this moment of time is your YouTube channel your main focus?

Yes, I have few part time jobs to support me financially, but I am being serious about trying my best to grow my channel.

If you become popular, are you still going to wear a Danish flag shirt?

Definitely, the Danish flag t-shirt is here to stay. I might have to buy new ones soon, this one is still in good shape, but it is getting pretty old.

Thank you for answers!

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Photos made by Ervins Trans

Written and interviewed by Valerija Trane