Let’s talk about something that’s quite important. Really, it’s genuinely the foundation of the future. No, it’s not politics, and no it’s not about the climate change or the multiverse theory. It’s far more important than that! It’s the beautiful merging of games and education.

No… It’s not educational games.

It’s Game College.

Game College is an upper secondary high school. It’s built on a standard HTX education, but it’s solely dedicated to the creation of games, games, and more games.

It’s a new education, but if you ask its founder and chief of innovation Søren Hoffman Hansen, it’s the best! We got the chance to ask him a couple of questions about Game College.

What is the school about?

It’s about living the dream, being able to do what you want, and this school is for everyone who feels that the old education can be ‘too old’.

How does Game College differ from other HTX educations?

We’re a specialised HTX education. We’re built this from a game development stand point, and we know what we are doing, and we can tell it’s working.

Where did it all begin?

The idea to merge an HTX education with game development was actually developed in my kitchen.

What is the future for Game College?

It’s hard to say because we always want to be ready to follow a new trend, as we did with our eSports programme. We’ve dedicated ourselves to make it the best game education possible. We’re never done with optimising, and we’re never finished with this project.

Okay, the school has a ton of stuff, but you have three main study programmes, what are they and what can people expect?

Our eSport study is our newest subject. We have morning training and we make tournaments. In their last year, they are supposed to be semi elite, so they’d be able to go professional. We also have an art study where you learn about world-building, storytelling, graphic design, and more. Programming is our ‘oldie but gold’. The original that focuses on programming, math, and design.

If there’s a last thing you’d want to say, what would it be?

Game College isn’t just blue colours and FPS games. It’s creativity, exploration, and story too. And that games aren’t just AAA studios – games create a whole different branch of careers for people who are willing to experiment and be creative

Now, that was only the founder’s viewpoint, let’s hear it from some of the students at Game College.

The first one up is Mathias Birk Olsen, who’s a former student.

Why should people choose Game College over other educations?

Because it’s there the games are. Grenaa is a city, where games drive the youth. We have Game College, 3D College, Dania, and GameHub. Really, if you want to make games, it’s here you’ll get the opportunities, it’s here you’ll be inspired by the atmosphere and the people around you.

To you, what’s the key thing about Game College?

We live at Game College, and you’ll live with a couple of people in your own flat. It’s like a continuation school. You’ll kinda get another family because you live together and you’re there because of the same reason. It’s open and unique, and it’s tough describing the feeling because it’s just so close to home.

Another student, Anders Wagner said this about Game College when we asked him:

What has Game College done for you?

Just with the education I’ve gotten, the projects I’ve made, I have a portfolio to show, and I’ll almost be able to work as a junior role”.

We also asked two of the girls, Line Munch Hansen and Sanne Kildahl Nielsen, who also attend Game College, how they felt about the school, specifically about it being an HTX education and about the stigma of ‘girls and games’:

Have you felt the stigma of Game College being about games and a games-focused high school?

The HTX part, programming, and all that isn’t so terrifying at all. I was worried when I first checked it out because at the time they didn’t have an art study.

But, you haven’t regretted a thing?

I’m from Zealand, so Grenaa is pretty far away, but the only thing holding me a bit back was because I’ve just returned from continuation school. But I saw their art study, and then I was off to Grenaa! And no, I haven’t regretted a thing!

Well, that’s it! But let’s make it easier for you:
Here’s the link for the school: http://www.gameitcollege.dk/
You’re welcome 😉

Photos made by Ervins Trans

Author Frederik Becker