Who will be your favorite? Which developer has created the very best game, displayed at the Game Scope expo 2018? – The choice is yours at the Game Scope People’s Choice award 2018.  


Once again, Game Scope celebrates the most popular game displayed at the expo, according to you, the guests, visitors and participants. You will be able to vote on site, during all three days of the Starcade event, within the opening hours of the Game Scope Expo.

The winners are announced live on the final day, Sunday, at the main stage in Europahallen, before the activities on stage begins (more info about these activities are yet to be revealed – stay tuned, it will be great!).

Honor and glory is a natural part of winning the award and, of course, the winners will be able to embellish themselves with the Game Scope People’s Choice sigil to cement their victory for the world to see. However, honor is not the only prize – Phat loot is just as important. Therefore, we are happy to announce that Game Scope is teaming up with Indie Prize once again, enabling the winners to join the Indie Prize Showcase at Casual Connect in Belgrade, September 2018, as well as a published article at http://gamesauce.biz. The prize includes two free standard passes to Casual Connect and a spot at the Indie Prize showcase, as well as online exposure.   

Last year, the winning developers from ALL CAPS went to Casual connect in Kyev. With their game Disco Flip, they participated in the showcase as well as Casual Connect and had a great chance to promote themselves as well as Disco Flip. We cannot wait to hear about the trip of this year’s winners, in the fall!

As a guest, all you have to do, in order to pass on your vote, is to show up at the Star Cade event 2018 and visit the Game Scope Expo. But what about developers? How do you get the chance to win? – It’s simple, just register your game for the expo, and make sure you match the requirements specified below. If you don’t match them, do not worry, you are still able to be part of the expo.

Who qualifies for nomination?
  • Games displayed all days, Friday through Sunday
  • Digital games
  • Minimum 10 mins gameplay

Find out more about the Indie Prize Scholarship