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Have you ever wished you could battle it out as wacky wizards with three of your friends in a pixel world called Gift of Parthax?

No? Maybe not that specific, but Gift of Parthax IS a game about wizards using more than just the elements to defeat foes and also each other from time to time.

What is Gift of Parthax exactly?

I had a chance to chat with the CEO, Anders Ljungquist, who when I asked him what he would describe his game as for his 10 years younger self. Here’s his response.

Killing a lot of insane powerful enemies and bosses with a huge arsenal of magical power.

Anders is the CEO Foldergeist Studios, who was founded by three students at Erhvervsakademi Dania. The three friends were all programmers as they studied computer science. Early on when they founded the studio, the guys faced a bit of a struggle since neither of them was any artist.

It was an early struggle — one, which they overcame. However, indie teams struggle a lot, and Foldergeist Studios was soon facing one of the most common, but also one of the more dangerous of obstacles…


But, as luck plays a role in almost everything, game development is no exception.

However, I think we had it somehow easy for us, even though we didn’t have any money or investors. Since we got a lot of help from Gamehub Denmark and ended up finding our publisher for our upcoming title.

You might ask yourself, if you’re an aspiring game developer, “how do I begin?”. And although the beginning is usually the hardest part of doing anything, there is something you can do to increase your chance of success.

And it’s not a magical ring that gives a boost to your luck stat.

One general tip is to “surround” yourself with people who love, not necessarily the exact same genres/design elements/ or whatever as you, but with people whom you can spare with and ultimately grow with.

Take a look at Foldergeist Studios’ project! I can’t with a 100% certainty say that Anders alongside his friends wouldn’t have developed the idea for Gift of Parthax if they hadn’t been coincidentally stuck together… But I’m not, NOT saying that just might be the case.

But why take it from me:

It [Gift of Parthax] all started as a school project and we really liked the early prototype of the game. Simple arena fighting game with some spells and runes to customize your playstyle.

Well, I do believe we’re at the end of this article, so let’s round up by hearing what’s next for Foldergeist Studios:

Our biggest dream is to keep going doing what we like, making games people love to play. So our next step is to find a way to keep going, without having to take a job to fund our games and ourselves.