A co-op game for the family!

KnightOut is made by 2nd Studio, and like all other developers attending Game Scope this year, they are a Danish game development studio. They do client work as well as make their own games. To mention but a few clients: we have DisneyKiloo, Nordic Game, amongst others.


Both of the two founders and the lead programmer have a lot of experience under their belts. Whether it’s co-creating a StarCraft Mod at the age of 15 or being a 3D trainee from Onyx Studio in Paris, or having worked for Blue Byte Ubisoft Studio, these guys are amazing at what they do.

A short introduction, I know, but I really wanted the question of what is KnightOut? to be answered by Dennis, a developer at 2nd Studio.

What’s “KnightOut”?

Dennis: KnightOut combines tactical building with real-time frantic brawling against your friends or hordes of enemies.

KnightOut hasn’t got a release day yet, but it’s coming to PC and Switch only at the moment. The guys behind it want to bring it to as many platforms as possible but:

[…] as indie developers it can be costly and time-consuming [to port the game to consoles] so for our launch, we are bringing it to PC and Switch. We can’t promise any other consoles, but if we get the opportunity we would like to port it […].

Sad news for me as I’m a diehard PlayStation fanboy. However, with the release of Pokémon: Let’s Go on the Switch this November, I might just go ahead and order me some KnightOut while I’m at it…

But, let’s get back on track. Succeeding as a game developer really depends on different factors. Luck, skill, original idea, execution of said idea, and more. However, indisputably, a community who supports you and your game can both give you financial aid as well as a morale boost.

Whether it’s nice comments or seeing someone play and love your game, it can be an emotional train leading you straight to Hogwarts. But let’s hear it from Dennis, as I asked him what some of the best moments he’d had while working on the game.

We had a lot of playtesting among friends and at game expos when people really get into it and do everything they can to win it warms our hearts to see that people can have so much fun with something we created.

Adding to that:

Last year at Game Scope a father and his son played the game, and they really had fun. I was so humbled by the experience because both ages had fun and I felt like we created a game that could bring people together.

Now… as I’ve mentioned, there isn’t a release date yet, but I wanted to know if 2nd Studio had anything planned, like updates, new features, or even some new projects they could tell us about.

The game is still in development […]. We have added a lot of new items to build, different traps and new weapons that we have not revealed yet.

KnightOut is, by the way, a Co-Op game in essence — I’d even dare say it’s more meant for couch play or local Co-Op more than online multiplayer. I played KnightOut, however, only a little, at last year’s Game Scope.

I generally liked the game, but local Co-Op games aren’t the type of games I usually buy. But what Dennis mentioned next got me really excited!

We are working on more content as well that will give you a great single player experience, but we can’t say too much about it yet.

On the subject of a future “new” project, Dennis had this to say:

We want to give KnightOut everything we can, and keep updating it after it’s released if it sells well we would like to bring it to other platforms as well. With that said, we always have new ideas and are working on different projects but nothing we can reveal yet.

Want to see what 2nd Studio is up to?

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