A new classic?

Mutant Monkey Games is the classic reason why game studios are founded — whether it’s indie or AAA, it all starts with a love and passion for the medium.

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For Bo Michelsen and Lars Tornbjerg it started with Mega Man 2  in 1991. To my own regret, I wasn’t able to experience the era of neither the NES, SNES, nor the Sega Mega Drive. However, I’ve read countless stories from ‘Back in the Day’ and I believe it’s near impossible to deny the deny the influence games like Mega Man and the likes of Zelda have had on games in this generation.

Quadruple D or De-de-de-de?

Nevertheless, Bo and Lars founded Mutant Monkey Games, and from their love of pixel art and puzzle platformers, sprung the game, which was talking about today, Dr Demitrium’s Deadly Devices, or shortened just DDDD.

But what is DDDD?

Dr Demitrium’s Deadly Devices is a grid-based puzzle-crawler for mobile set in a spacey, sci-fi universe. You take on the role of the brave Space Captain Jim, who must get back his girlfriend, Gertrud, and his beloved dog, Bingo, who both have been kidnapped by the evil Dr Demitrium. […].


A must-play for people who miss epic space drama in their mobile games.

So if you love space drama, Mega Man-stylish pixel art, and possibly an old-school-like game, then Dr Demitrium’s Deadly Devices are out pretty soon.

We have a revised release date because we’ve embedded a bitter-sweet story element to the game, but the final release date is the 12TH OF AUGUST! Just in time for Game Scope!

Before we talk a bit more about the game itself, it’s core mechanics and such, I asked Bo to describe with one sentence why people should be excited about his game.

If you like to experience a challenging, story-driven puzzle game with a bizarre humour, set in space, then you should play Dr Demitrium’s Deadly Devices!

With that said, you can experience the game at Game Scope in Aalborg from the 17th to 19th of August — you can even share your love for old-school games with Bo, who’s attending.

But, let’s talk a bit about the game. With puzzle-crawlers, game mechanics are key to success. Fluid movement, fun controls, exciting actions, and head-scratching puzzles are all the recipe for a good game. However, let’s hear it from Bo himself.

In order to get them [Gertrud and Bingo] back you must survive a dungeon sprawling with deadly devices and traps, you can only get your loved ones back if you outsmart Demitrium, and figure out a route through each level in his lair!

And it’s these traps, which are part of the core mechanic.

The basic gameplay mechanic is that in order to traverse a level you must learn how each trap within the level behaves. Every trap has its own cycle, so, for instance, the spike traps have two “safe” states followed by a “deadly” state. Therefore in order to cross a level successfully, it is required that the player is mindful of nearly all of the tiles at once, to maintain safe cover and timing while avoiding getting shot by lasers.

A piece of cake! He lied. In all honesty, this sounds a lot like how you’d describe the old school games, DDDD takes inspiration from. And with its mobile release, you can experience the classic difficult games nearly everywhere you have your smartphone.