Mindfox Studios

Mindfox Studios is a studio consisting of former employees from the giant mobile game company, Kiloo. Mindfox Studios has worked as contractees, doing client work in order to… oh well, let’s hear it from Maria Garde, Head of Studio at Mindfox.

Mindfox Studios (site)

First up, her note on her team. And spoiler alert, it’s a good team.

We have a solid team – we can dream big and build it. So our mentality is pretty straight forward: Fuck it, Ship it. We’re not afraid of failing, and we know that great products come out of many shitty ideas and iterations.

Maria believes in her team and their ability to work together as a team, which at the end to her, breeds a more fruitful harvest. In other words:

To think less and do more.

The Team behind Mindfox

Secondly, Maria on the studio’s mentality:

We love making games, but we want to earn our own money, so jumping from fund to fund is not an option for us. So we work for clients, and it’s fun to adapt what we know about games to all types of user experiences. Being able to “earn the right” to make your own stuff feels good, and client work is a very good way of learning about different users and needs.

Client Services

However, Mindfox Studios has with their game, Space Loops, put client work on hold to prove their ability and collective experience to make their own games.

Project Swinger [the codename for their game] just got its real name: Space Loops, and it’s a “safe title” for us, meaning that it reflects our CVs for the past years. A hyper casual mobile title that we’ve made in 2 months to show the world that Mindfox Studios is here, and we know how to take an idea into action.

Adding in relation to what’s next:

You won’t see more titles like this one coming from us – the next productions are going to relate to our mission: Make the world a better place, and will probably have something to do with saving the oceans from pollution.

And on the note of “their mission”, Maria also mentioned that:

We [Mindfox Studios] have the same mindset: We want to make the world a better place, and we believe games can communicate and teach us about some complex challenges our world faces.


Sustainability and taking care of our planet is important to us, and we can see our clients are right there with us.

Mindfox Studios isn’t just about games, although games can be the greatest of teachers, it’s the message, which they teach that truly matter.

Games are a tool to engage users and create universes that are unforgettable. We love nature, and want to use our knowledge about game development to make the world a better place. Sounds glorious, we know. But we actually believe this is how we can contribute to solving for example the climate crises we’re facing. Walk the talk, right…?

However, not to take away from Maria or Mindfox’ message and purpose, at Game Scope we’re talking about games. If you want to talk about global warming with Maria or with the other developers at Mindfox, you can find them at GS18.

Without further ado, I’ll leave you with this last snippet from Maria about her game and then we can talk about nature and crises on a later occasion:

Space Loops is fun though – great mechanic and perfect for the purpose of passing time at the airport or in a boring meeting (we all do it… procrastinate in long meetings).