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Valhalla Olympics is a game in early, early alpha, meaning it’s far from finished, however, couch-play lovers can rejoice as the viking-themed party game brings back the joy of laughing on a couch with your friends.

The game is made by Chop Chop Games and features a smartphone-system so you can play a true couch game without having to live off of cheap ramen. This is, at least, the vision for the game, Dario Rahimic and his partner, Michael have envisioned.

Our inspiration comes from wanting to make this experience possible for as many people as we can, by giving budget-friendly versions that require minimal setup and all of your friends can join in on!

Both Dario and Michael are avid gamers, loving the couch-play format, and has done so through years of play. Both of them have always loved games, going back to their childhood, they’ve experienced both casual, but also competitive play.

The dream of making games instead of only playing them had probably been in the back of their minds for a long time, however, it was after they’d finished University that they decided to make the dream a reality.

We had it all planned out from when we finished University till now. We’re not fooling ourselves, while it’s definitely an exciting and amazing journey, it’s definitely tough doing your own start-up and creating games that people will hopefully spend their hard-earned money on! Planning is the key to success […].

Another reason why Dario and Michael decided to join the game industry was:

[…] we feel that there’s a gap in the industry for bold design-decisions that challenge the way we play and think about different genres of games.

But enough of Dario and Michael — if you have questions, personal and professional, there’ll be around the Expo Venue of Game Scope, surely happy to share their experiences, thoughts, and joys concerning gaming and the industry.

Instead, let’s talk a bit about their game, starting with its genre: why make a couch game?

There’s something special about having friends over and enjoying fun co-op or competitive games where the players’ reactions are half the fun.

However, couch-play in and of itself had died off over the years. Whether it was the rise of online games like World of Warcraft, FPS like Call of Duty, or just the general gaming generation turning their blind side to the “old” format, I do not know.

But slowly and steadily that format has returned with fan-favourites like Gang Beasts and Overcooked. Though new and cool games haven’t been the only factor in bringing back couch games:

Lately, consoles like the Wii and Switch have brought gaming back to the living room for avid Nintendo fans who invest into the console and games to recreate the fun environment.

I’ve only touched a bit on the subject of Valhalla Olympics, mentioning it’s in its earliest of stages with placeholder graphics and characters that are not going to be in the final version. Because of this, I’ve asked Dario if he could describe the vision he has for the game:

We want the game to appeal to a large crowd of people without taking itself too seriously. We see the art style going in a more cartoony way, as you would see in popular games like Fortnite, but obviously with a Viking-heavy twist, flying pigs, and any other silly thing you can imagine.


Right now we unfortunately don’t have any concept art to share, but we’re working on getting the resources and finding the right people in other to bring our practical vision to life!

Lastly, I asked Dario if he could share what was next when Game Scope was over if he and Michael have anything planned:

Valhalla Olympics still has a long way to go, while the main theme and gameplay loop is starting to be set, graphic and further content are always being worked on. We also have another exciting project to announce, which we will announce shortly after Game Scope is finished.

But in general, he added:

Lots of exciting things in the pipeline. Valhalla Olympics is an ambitious project, and definitely is not going to be our only game, follow our Twitter for much more information once Game Scope is over!