Pun — definitely — intended

Random Dragon Games has made the next “pun-intended named game” called Dumb as Wizards. I’ve chatted with Jacob Kjeldsen, CEO of Random Dragons about their game and couch play.

What are the three key ingredients of a couch game?


  • The social interaction (in-game and with your friend on the couch),
  • the ‘uhh, ohh, daaaaamn” moments are also uniquely emphasized in party and couch games, especially when action and crazy, and humorous things are involved.
  • And obviously multiplayer, the players on the couch should be impacting each other in some way.

Games like Overcooked and Gang Beasts have really helped to bring couch games back into popularity with their own uniqueness.

In one sentence, what does Dumb as Wizards bring to the table — other than a neat wordplay?

Deconstructing fantasy tropes and cliches, making fun of the genre from the inside out in order to build an experience that lowers the barrier of entry to the realm of nerds.

Jacob also urges you to have a look at their website if you’re interested in their studio and their ideals. But if you’re more interested in the game, here is the Dumb as Wizards’ press kit.

Random Dragon (site)

Random Dragon (presskit)

Lastly, I wanted to know if there was some new implementations or changes that he could share a bit about. Here’s his response:

There are lots of quality of life stuff that we are working on, but a major feature that needs quite a bit of work is the single player / co-op mode “Defend the Eye” […]

Detailing that:

[… ] we want to add more monster variety and make the experience a lot more engaging.

However, with Dumb as Wizards, Jacob also explained that they were always looking to add more abilities — the wackier the better. But to do this, ie. adding special or unique powers and costumes, he needs the voice of the guests at Game Scope this year.

[…] we hope to get a lot of suggestions from the players at this year’s Game Scope.