Ringstone Games just by the looks of their website has this very clean and minimalistic look to it. Although the lines are “messy”, it’s subtly messy all-around, making it deliberately messy and therefore not messy at all, but rather clever.

Ringstone’s first game, Drawn into Trouble, follows the same style — or should I say the game’s style affected the studio’s appearance? Either way, it works. But what is Drawn into Trouble?

I’ve chatted a bit with the co-founder, Tommy Faldt, and here’s how he described Drawn into Trouble:

Tommy: Drawn into Trouble is about helping an old lady find her way back and solving puzzles by selecting the right tool and draw the right figures.


Sometimes you need to combine the tools in the right order, other times you need to consider size and timing to make it work.

After seeing the art style, I became a bit curious about what inspired their game.

The inspiration for Drawn into Trouble is mainly based on two elements. The first is La Linea animation from the Italien animator, Osvaldo Cavandoli. The other element is The Incredible Machine, developed by Kevin Ryan.

Drawn into Trouble, helping an old lady, puzzles? Gotcha. The game is being developed for mobile only and as this is Ringstone’s first appearance on the indie game scene, they are planning to release the game first in Denmark and Sweden, but then also to the rest of the world.

According to Tommy, the game’s release date is late this year, 2018.

But, enough about the game! You can presumably play an alpha or beta version at Game Scope in Aalborg, but other than that, you’ve gotten all the information about the game that you’ll need.

It’s a puzzler. A simple game, utilizing the smartphone’s hands-on playability where your finger can draw the lines. The story, although we don’t have much information at this moment, could be something genuine and sweet with the plot focusing on an old lady. Could also be nothing, and the game would probably still work.

Now. Let’s talk about the people behind Ringstone Games and Drawn into Trouble. The team consists of three people, all co-founders with Tommy Axelgaard being the game engine architect, Tommy Faldt working as the level designer and PR. Lastly, we have Michael Lund who is the investor.

Ringstone Games (site)

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Ringstone Games (Twitter)

We have played a lot of games in our youth and at some point, the thought came along, can we do that, can we make our own game. It would be pretty cool if we could.


After years of education, software development, and life experience we now return to the thought, can we make our own game — maybe, we sure have more skills and experience now — let’s do it.