I Agree with the Title

Set Snail is an indie game studio consisting of only three people. I’ve spoken with game designer and art director, Kasper Bøttcher, however, for good measure, Morten Claussen, (game developer) and Brian Lund (game developer but also art director) are the two remaining people behind Set Snail.

The Team

Set Snail have been busy, as they started with one of them, drunkenly shouting, WE SHOULD DO GAMES! and five projects later, we’re seeing their sixth project, Oddman, being realised.

To name a few of their other well-known titles, we have: Snake Towers, Pack a Puzzle, and lastly, their ultimate success, Daddy Long Legs, which got downloaded over ten million times across iOS and Android.


So, let’s hear it from Kasper on what Oddman is:

We are currently working on Oddman, a simple fast-paced fighter for 1-4 players for handheld devices. The game is set to release October 1st.

But adding:

Android users can have a go already because we are in the early access category on Google Play.

To list a few selling points from their press kit:

  • Fast and endless gameplay!
  • Collect fighters and play as your favourite!
  • Local multiplayer with up to 4 players.

It’s safe to say that Set Snail focuses on mobile games — specifically, comical, short, fast-paced, and entertaining games. But what inspires such madness as Daddy Long Legs? Well, I asked and Kasper didn’t disappoint.

Our inspiration can come from the weirdest of places. We once got inspired by looking at a stone. That’s just the way we are. Making games allows us to have fun while putting different creative skills to use. That’s why we love creating games.

Okay. But what’s the most important skills to have when it comes to making games??

Again, Kasper didn’t disappoint, as he gave me a simple three-step guide to be the Master of the Universe when it comes to games.

The ability to come up with a good idea. Execute the idea really well. Get people to play the game.

And that’s all good-and-well, however, everyone who’s ever thought of making a game and actually gotten to the point of beginning to create said game, has at one point struggled, which could eventually lead to quitting.

So, I asked Kasper what his advice for following through with a project was:

Hold on to your game until you are satisfied with the result. Try not to rush it and have fun with it all the way.

On an ending note, I asked him a question concerning to approach developers, and on how one was to do such a thing.

We like it when people drop by our office. Generally, we love to hear from people with the right mindset. People who love to learn. Those are the most important things. So, make sure to convey that message in your application.