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Based in Denmark, Acrylec Studios has through their AP degree in Computer Science, #1 founded their company, #2 aced their second-semester exam and #3 pitched their game, successfully I might add, to Gamehub Denmark.


Chase is the name of the game, and I’ve talked to the CEO and programmer, Peter Witt. I asked him to sell his game to me to the1 best of his ability BUT only using one sentence: Explain to me what Chase is —  sell it to me to the best of your ability!

Chase is pure, fast-paced, space-themed fun, filled with intense moments and enough power-ups and explosions to keep you and your friends competing for a long time.

However, to dive a bit deeper into the game, from their press kit, Chase is…

[…] a fast-paced competitive party game, perfect for any party occasion. With a missile that can kill you in a split second, you must use your skills to avoid, out-play and react fast to win over your friends. Inspired by the Warcraft 3 mod “Hungry Hungry Felhounds” one player gets the tracker and tries to not get hit by the missile. You can shoot the tracker into other players to get the missile to chase them, but if you keep the tracker and survive, your next shot will be empowered, making It harder for your target to evade. You can also use powerups to get an edge over the other players.

Peter’s Game Development Journey

But, let’s talk game development a bit. Game development is a tough business where both luck and skill are involved — you know luck from yours and Mikkel’s coincidental meeting, but how did you prepare skills-wise — take me through what you did to cement yourself in the world of games?

We have always been hardworking, in school and with other part-time projects before starting Acrylec. We have had a lot of long nights of working, spent a lot of time researching both the technical aspect and design of making games.


I think the key to being able to make games is to give all you have, and just get going and make something.

Why “Gamedev” is awesome!

To return to “game development” a bit more: What does “game development” mean to you — to specify, can you name three things that make game development, in the simplest of terms: awesome?

#1 The creative challenge of making and designing a game that people will love playing.

#2 The tremendous payoff when seeing someone playing and enjoying your game after many months of hard work.

#3 Making games are just a lot of fun, and we love making them, with all the ups and downs, mainly long nights, that come with it.

We’ve talked past, present… Why not discuss the future a bit: Can you tell me what’s next for Acrylec Studios after Chase is out on Steam — are you aiming for general console release or planning another game?

We have definetely considered releasing Chase on consoles and think that it would be a great fit for that. However, if that doesn’t work out we already have new game ideas lined up, ready for prototyping.