Take a break from expo and enjoy a board game in our board game café, where you can find games free to use. The board game café is established in collaboration with three local board game cafés in Aalborg; Spilhylden, Dice ‘n Drinks, and TRoA. Together, they will bring more than 300 board games to Game Scope, so you will both be able to play some games you know and some you don’t.

About location

KUL Nordkraft

KUL is a cultural center for young people located in Nordkraft – Aalborg’s old coal-fired power plant. The hall is located in Nordkraft’s old coal cellar and is used for KUL’s major events, concerts and the like

KUL acts as a café, venue, event and information house. It also offers practice facilities and workshops for journalism, media, dance, theater and art. KUL’s café houses exhibitions, lectures, movies, debates, workshops and smaller concerts and events. The cafe has a wide selection of organic coffee, juices, smoothies, snacks and more.

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What to expect?

The board games café will be open all times during the Game Scope festival. Loaction is quite isolated, so you will be able to have a breather here if you need to rest from festival crazyness. You don’t need to be anxious about trying a new game either. Volunteers will be on the spot helping you in getting started, answering questions and helping with the rules, if you need help.