Game Scope 2017 is coming!

As we are approaching Game Scope 2017 and our teams are busy preparing the events, it is time to have a look back at what we achieved last year!

2016 was very special for us, because it was Game Scope’s first birthday. After months of planning, discussing and having volunteers run around, Game Scope opened it’s doors for the first time in August last year and turned into the biggest game festival in Denmark.

The event was a huge success, gathering more than 4000 gamers, fans and developers from all over Scandinavia! Last year’s guests could enjoy  four days of talks, workshops, exhibitions, a science conference, our very own award show and, most importantly, each other’s company. Many used the opportunity to network, receive feedback on their ideas or just talk about what we all love – games.

gamers, fans and developers

Who was there last year?

In 2016 Game Scope hosted talks from Scott Miller and Josh Olin (3D Realms), Allan Lønskov (Funday Factory), Mette Andersen (Io-Interactive) and others. Our guest speakers talked about  game development, branding, publishing and level design. Popular as the talks were, this year we are prepared to handle the increasing number of people interested to hear our speakers. Follow us online for more news on who will be at Game Scope 2017!

Of course, as a game festival, Game Scope could not be successful without Denmark’s favorite Jakob Stegelmann. Last year, our guests had a chance to participate in an exclusive Game Scope live episode of Troldspejlet! Absolute favorite event, Troldspejlet’s fans had to line up waiting to get in to show.

Workshops and science 

What would a game festival be without workshops on game-making! That’s why, last year we decided to launch two very successful workshops for those who wanted to get some hands-on experience with making a game from scratch in Unity or with Pixel Art, for example. All workshops were beginner friendly and focused on inspiring and teaching practical skills in game design in different environments.

For those interested in the science behind gaming, Game Scope offered its very own science conference. Researchers in the area of contemporary game theory and science presented their published papers on topics within gamification. This year Aalborg University is organizing another conference with the help of  Aalborg University’s brightest researchers.

And while 2016 was a true success for Game Scope, we are all excited about an even more successful event in 2017. With a new venue – Nordkraft – and a set of new surprises, we are looking forward to seeing both old and new faces. We will start revealing the lineup for this year soon, so follow us and don’t miss the big news!

Would you like to join the team as a volunteer and help us make the magic happen? Contact our Project Coordinator Stine Lund at for more information on our next volunteer meeting.

Enjoy your summer and

See you in Nordkraft on 17th!

Written by Gergana Dimitrova