Game Scope in collaboration with AaB esport invites you to our Hearthstone tournament with a big prize pool! This page includes practical and general information as well as tournament rules. If you have any further questions or are in doubt, please contact Jesper Moe from AaB esport.

General & practical information:

  • OBS. The tournament requires attendees to bring their own devices. Because of limited space we do not allow desktop PC’s. 
  • Place for 64 participants
  • Application deadline 18th of August 2017.
  • Participation fee: 100 DKK.
  • Sign up via:
  • Date: d. 19th of August 2017.
  • Time: 18.00 – 24.00
  • Place: Nordkraft.
  • Drinks and snacks can be bought at the event. It is prohibited to bring your own drinks and snacks. Players are allowed to bring food, to enjoy through out the tournament. 

Rules for tournament

  • 1v1 – tournament with single elimination format.
  • Standard-format ( “Knights of the Frozen Throne” is allowed)
    OBS: After requests to include the new expansion, “Knights of the Frozen Throne”, and the possibility of discovering the new cards while playing, it as been decided to include the new expansion.
  • Conquest BO5 (1 ban)
  • Players bring 4 different decks and classes to each match. 
    OBS: Remember to bring physical printed copies of your decks. 
  • Each player chooses a class/deck from the opponent line up to ban from the match. 
  • The first player to win a game with each deck will be considered the winner and will advance.
    • When a player wins a game, the deck used by the winning player cannot be used for the remainder of the match. 
    • The defeated player can keep the same deck or switch to a different one of their choice, as long as the player has not won with the deck.
  • Cheating will not be tolerated and will result in a ban from the tournament.
    • Players will only be allowed to have one device active while playing, which is the device used for playing. 
    • It is not allowed to talk, gesture, or try to help players in anyway.
    • The use of third-party software is not permitted.