Game Scope Expo 2017

17.08.2017 – 19.08.2017

The Expo is the beating heart of Game Scope festival, around which all of our many activities centers. The number one priority of Game Scope is to establish knowledge of the games industry for our guests, by letting them get close to you, the developers, and experience the wide range of Scandinavian games currently being developed and published.

Exhibiting at the Game Scope Expo is a unique opportunity to reach an audience not normally targeted and aware of the many games being developed locally. 

Apply now

We strongly urge you to apply for the Expo as fast as possible, as this will grant you the possibility for being featured in upcoming Game Scope PR.

The aim of Game Scope is to establish a window into the world of game development and give small developers the chance to exhibit.

It is free to attend Game Scope as a developer.

Once all slots are full, latecomers are placed on a waiting list, in case of cancellations or changes to the programme and layout of the festival.

Expo is full! You still can apply and we will put you in a waiting list.

How do I become an exhibitor at Game Scope Expo 2017?

You become an exhibitor by filling out the form below. For questions please contact Expo coordinator Stine Lund at 


What platforms is the game available on? (required)

Development status (required)

Do you require an Ethernet connection?

Days of attending

Join Toldspejlet!

As an exhibitor you might be interested in applying for game review from creators of Troldspejlet – Jakob Stegelman and Troels Møller. You have to apply for review separately.




The Expo is the main activity at Game Scope festival and open in the opening hours (Might change according to planning).

The dates and times are: 17th of August – 19th of August 10:00 am to 18:00pm.

We ask that you strive to man your booth at all times. When participating in the conference and other activities, the friendly Game Scope Crew will be available to aid visitors with your setup.


Game Scope wants to display as many games as possible; however, there are a few requirements for attending:

  •         You must be a registered company
  •         You must be a Scandinavian Developer
  •         You will have to bring at least a playable demo of your game, or other means of interacting with your game

If you do not meet the requirements above but you still feel like exhibiting at Game Scope, please write Expo coordinator Stine Lund an email at and we will get in contact with you.


All exhibitors are given:

  •         ½ table and chairs (Table= 75,2 cm. x 182,9 cm).
  •         Access to power – Please let us know if your setup requires Ethernet (not wifi)
  •         Possibility for space divider

Should you require additional table space or similar, please let us know.

We ask that you carefully consider how big your showcase is going to be, in order to avoid empty space and wasted slots throughout the expo area.

Exhibitors are encouraged to decorate table, front of table, space dividers as well as bringing 1-2 rollups.

Furthermore, all exhibitors are granted staff badges for everyone signed up, which gives you access to water and coffee in the volunteer lounge as well as access to the networking event Thursday 17th at 18:00pm.

 As an exhibitor you might be interested in applying for game review from creators of Troldspejlet – Jakob Stegelman and Troels Møller

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