This year Game Scope partnered  with MeetToMatch to create an easy way to plan your business meetings during the Game Scope 2017 conference. Through MeetToMatch’s online match making tool, participants can see all attending companies and plan their meetings.

 After getting registered, try  to update your profile as best as you can.

MeetToMatch platform makes setting up business meeting a piece of cake.

Fedor van Herpen

Thomas Lykke Larsen


 Please contact Thomas Lykke Larsen with inquires about Game Scope and Fedor van Herpen to get signed up for the event


MeetToMatch is the most effective way to do business in the games industry. The premium matchmaking service is aimed at meeting potential business partners by choice rather than chance. Tis is much more than just being a meeting application: you get a personal matchmaker assigned that can help out with all your questions.

For this even Game Scope and MeetToMatch invites international publishers to the event to give feedback and do business with game developers.


MeetToMatch is currently the most common platform used in the games industry for matchmaking for businesses. Since 2009 it is active at several leading European game events, such as GamesCom, Nordic Game Conference , Quo Vadis , Respawn Gathering, Barcelona Games World  and Ludicious.