At GameScope 2017 you will have the opportunity to visit different workshops for free! There you can learn new game-related skills and expand your network! Check out the list of available workshops down below.

Gamification and user engagement online


Creating entertaining and relevant content online, while delivering results, has never been more challenging than it is now. With gamification you can both reach your customers and achieve significant results.

Learn more about how to reach your users across different channels. Target audience for the event? If you seek knowledge and inspiration to reach your customers online, the workshop is for you.

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Pixel Art


The workshop is perfect for students and indie enthusiasts interested in learning various tips and tricks on how to create beautiful 2D pixel art graphics. As part of the workshop the participants will be able to create a main character, props and a tile based level assets, which they can then use in their potential games or as designs for t-shirts, posters and anything else.

A laptop with a mouse is required for following along with the workshop.

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Want to hold a workshop or have an awesome idea in mind? Send application to be a speker and be a part of Denmark’s biggest game festival!

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